Manufacturing facilities at Intervention Engineering Foundry include an Air Set Alkaline Resin Sand Foundry for jobbing and short runs.

Intervention Engineering Foundry manufactures a wide portfolio of high quality non-ferrous metal castings up to 550kg castings net weight at a time.  The non-ferrous metals are cast from Gas melting furnaces of various capacities, capable of supplying a range of alloys to meet customer requirements.  Should customers require castings larger than 550kg, Intervention Engineering Foundry has a broker capable of casting up to 3000kg at competitive prices and required quality.

Non Ferrous

  • Phosphor Bronze – PB1, PB2, PB4
  • Lead Bronze – LB1, LB2, LB4, LB4
  • Gunmetal – LG1, LG2, LG4
  • Brass –SCB1, SCB3, SCB4, SCB6, DCB1, DCB3, PCB1
  • Aluminium Bronze – AB1, AB2, AB3
  • Copper Manganese Aluminium
  • Pure copper
  • Aluminium – all grades

Intervention Engineering is a broker for ferrous metals from small to large castings in all grades of grey and SG iron, sophisticated casting up to 7000kg, as well as counter weight and mass weight castings of up to 7500kg. The ferrous is cast out of induction furnaces.


  • Stainless Steel (All grades)
  • Steel (All grades)
  • Cast Iron (All grades)
  • SG Iron (All grades )
  • Chrome Irons (All grades)
  • Manganese Steel

Products are supplied in As Cast, Proof Machined or Final Machined conditions.

Pattern Shop


o Fully equipped pattern shop

o Qualified patternmakers

o Pattern miller (CNC)

o Repairs to existing pattern equipment

o Manufacture of new patterns.


In line with Intervention Engineering’s drive to improve quality, while at the same time minimizing its impact on environmental pollution, the company has invested in a sand reclamation plant that recovers, grades, cools, classifies and cleans its foundry sand for re-use in the molding process. 

Intervention Engineering is well equipped to perform the ancillary functions of patternmaking, melting, fettling, welding, shot blasting, cosmetic finishing mechanical and non- destructive testing.

Intervention Engineering has a highly qualified professional workforce. Intervention Engineering understands the urgency of the time factor in business production, and pride ourselves in our fulfilment of manufacturing time frames, 3-4 weeks from receipt of pattern and order. Our excellent quality and range of products, market related pricing and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us steady growth and an expanding client base. Flexible and efficient, Intervention Engineering tailors each project to exact customer needs. From alloy selection and analysis to casting and machining, every Intervention customer is treated with respect. It’s the reason why many Intervention customers remain loyal.

With an absolute commitment to casting craftsmanship and customer service, Intervention Foundry lives up to the traits of its namesake, the ceremonial Intervention peace pipe. After all, the peace pipe signified trust and respect among two parties in a transaction; by delivering high-quality casting, Intervention Engineering Foundry has earned the trust of countless long-time clients over the past few years.

Intervention Engineering is a BEE compliant enterprise

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Our excellent quality and range of products, fulfilment of time frames, market related pricing and commitment to client satisfaction have earned us steady growth by an expanding client base.

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